February 21, 2017 admin

When it comes to software solutions for the real estate market, having a customized solution tailor-made especially for your business needs can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is definitely going to cost you more, but there is also the time and effort of resources to be considered. Having a customized solution requires additional resources to spend time analyzing the solution and figuring out the best way to use it for your needs. Off-The-Shelf Software, on the other hand, is less expensive compared to customized software and also, easier to implement. If OTS software has all the features…

February 13, 2017 admin

Do you remember which client visited you a month ago? Can you summarize the nature of your customer with respect to the signed deals and other such aspects? All these things get messed up and hamper the efficiency of your firm. The best way to keep an eye on all your customers is the Best CRM for Real Estate. It gets all your loopholes sealed, and helps in maintaining the smooth flow of your company. It records the contacts and important details of all your past and present customers and helps in planning meetings and transactions with future customers too….